As overwhelming as creating and maintaining a successful small business identity online can be, Bernadette Coleman does a fantastic job reminding business owners that every challenge brings with it an opportunity for growth and empowerment in her recent piece on content marketing and trust-building.

It’s a wonderful time to be a small business owner. The Internet and content marketing has made it possible for us to stop chasing the media, and instead, become the media.

‘Becoming the media’ may not appeal to small business owners as much as it does to creative professionals, but Coleman’s list of tips on how to best wrangle with and conquer content development and marketing is a straight-forward guide on how to connect with your customer base and earn positive results. When developing website content, stay away from hype, research what other sites in your industry are doing successfully, and always remain focused on building relationships before narrowing your vision on sales and numbers. It goes without saying that customers have nearly limitless options when it comes to accessing services and buying products online, but the overwhelming majority of your competitors are faceless, cold e-commerce gateways offering little more than a shopping cart. What should set you aside is your ability to connect with, understand, and build a trusting relationship with your customer. Coleman sums it up perfectly:

Just remember, the goal of content marketing and its sidekick social media marketing is to inform and entertain prospective customers in a way that inspires them to trust you for the right reasons; authentic, legitimate, deserving and well-earned trust.

If you’re looking for help in getting started with promoting your company and brand online, Door37 offers a number of ways to get you off the launching pad, from content generation to social media development. We understand the importance of making sure your business identity and vision come alive online and are excited to be with you each step of the way as you grow and connect with both old and new customers alike.