While the explosive growth of social media is common knowledge, it’s fascinating to see the current shape of things in visual form. Brian Solis has been putting together The Conversation Prism since 2008, tracking not only the foundational and emerging networks, but also categorizing these companies and their platforms by their purpose and use in daily life.

If you’re searching for ways to enhance your social media presence, we highly recommend you grab the free digital version and study up. Use the outer ring of the prism to find a niche that you or your company is looking to explore (service networking, livecasting, etc.) and pay a visit to a few of the sites in that category. While many of the names on the poster may look foreign, a quick bit of exploration can yield impressive results in helping you get a jump on your competition in the realm of social media.

If it’s all a bit overwhelming or if you’re looking for help in finding the best platforms for your business, we are always here to help.