A fascinating article by Nathan Safran published recently on moz.com details the critical importance of writing captivating and magnetic headlines for your content. On an average day the Internet will see:

  • 2 million blog posts
  • 860 thousand hours of video
  • 400 million Tweets

Thanks to that avalanche of information competing for views, only 20% of readers make it past an article’s headline. In other words, 80% of traffic is dropping off before the first words of your actual article or post are digested by readers. Ouch.

While there’s no single solution to writing effective headlines that attract and engage visitors, Safran offers some great tips that you can start using today, including this key one: be as explicit as possible. Make sure your headline is sharp and certain and addresses your readers directly. The more you dance around your topic or attempt to dress it up with fuzzy superlatives, the less likely your visitors will be to click or scroll beyond the title of your post.

You can read Safran’s full article here, which includes some intriguing research results and additional suggestions to enhance your headlines. Or, if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to content development for your business, check out the services we offer.