With the use of Facebook declining throughout the world, Mark Zuckerberg is upping the social network’s value with a new way for users and businesses to interact in a meaningful way. Facebook is adding a product called Social Graph. This product will allow users to search for places/businesses/activities that they may be interested in pursuing. If someone is traveling to the coast, they can see what shops their friends have “liked” in the area. They can also read reviews and determine where they want to go based on the Social Graph.

Facebook did not forget about businesses with this announcement either. Businesses will now be able to track these trends and see what people are looking for in what areas. Not only that, but a company can perform very specific searches to see if their products are working or need to be revamped. For instance, a company could run a search for Russian speaking individuals who like certain types of restaurant in San Diego. This is just one example of how specific the searches can be.

This new update will certainly change the way we use Facebook and social media in general. It will be critical to understand exactly what these changes mean for you and your business. If you have questions regarding Facebook or Social Graph, do not hesitate to contact Door37, in Denver, Colorado, today.