Great job getting on the social media marketing bandwagon!  The regular postings about your business and the great things you offer and provide is the just the beginning.  You’ve also learned to incorporate posts on industry news and things related to your business.  Finally, you’re making sure anything you post, related to your business or not, brings a smile to the face of those reading it.  Nice work!  You’re ahead of the competition because you’ve got relevancy in the lives of those who follow you or your business.

But did you know there’s more you could be doing?  An often-forgotten aspect of a great social media marketing campaign has to do with cross-promotion.  This lesser used tactic can lengthen your advertising dollar as well as promote your business outside of those already connected to your social media page(s).  All you need to get started is a partnering business and to remember these 3 things…

One: Local Partnerships & Natural Connections
Focus on businesses located in close proximity to yours (distance) and/or businesses that ‘fit’ together.  When I say ‘fit’ I’m speaking of the ease at which they are able to cross promote products and services.

As an example lets say you’re a local florist.  Around the corner from your shop is a restaurant you frequent because of its great lunch menu.  Why not strike up a conversation with the owner of the restaurant about working together on a social media posting campaign?  The close proximity of your businesses may prove to be a great draw for both businesses followers.

Two: Start Small and Keep It Simple
Keep things simple and small by only posting one to two lines of text with a link to your partnering business Facebook business page or website.  Remember, the advantage of cross promotion is that your business instantly becomes exposed to a new and different client base.  You don’t need elaborate coupons or promotions to start the partnership, only willingness on both sides to expand and generate business.

As the florist and instigator in this fictitious partnership example we’ve created, you may start the posting process by advising your followers of the restaurant’s great lunch menu and accompany it with a link to their Facebook or web page.  In subsequent postings you may get more elaborate and provide information on offers the restaurant has agreed to honor if one of your followers were to come in for a meal within a specified time frame.  All the patron needs to do is show the server your post. To reciprocate, the restaurant owner may do something similar for you while posting to their followers.

Three: Where Do We Go From Here?
If the partnership is working for both parties, great!  Maybe it’s down the road you can begin expanding your partnership and marketing strategies.  However, if both parties aren’t seeing the benefit of working together it may be time to move on.

Remember, cross promotion is a two-way-street.  If all parties aren’t actively engaged and committed to the success of the campaign, it won’t work and you’ll be forced to find another business partner to work with.

Happy hunting.