In his article on leveraging alternatives to Facebook, Adam Pash calls it like it is:

For many, Facebook isn’t just a site on the internet; it’s the internet.

For small business owners attempting to discover the best way to use social networking to promote their products or services, Facebook seems like an obvious choice for the very reason above: centrality. While establishing a business page on the super-sized community (the company estimates over 845 million active users) is by no means a step in the wrong direction, it’s equally important to consider the wealth of other social networks out there when searching for ways to connect with your current client base or bring new customers through the door.

Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare are all major social networks that not only compete, but also offer integration with Facebook to some degree. Additionally, numerous industries have their own popular social networks uniquely designed and tweaked for both producers and consumers looking to make industry-specific connections. If this concept appeals to you, Door37 can explain the process to you and help you get started today.

While it’s tough to compete with a giant like Facebook, one advantage of your own mirco-social network is the ability to customize and take only your favorite elements from the big guys (activity streams, photo sharing, etc.) to create a community that best fits your company and long-term goals. Furthermore, you can still utilize all major social networks to draw customers to your own community.

Whether you stay the course with the “likes” of Facebook, delve into the world of tweets, or opt to invest in starting up your own micro-social network, Door37 is here to help you along the way in setting up and maintaining your social presence on the web.

Drop us a line today to get more info and learn how we can work together to take your business to the next level.